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    Introducing our Zoggs FX2 Wetsuit, new for 2015! Our range of wetsuits include our unique flex technology concept giving unrivalled comfort and fit that we already provide in our unparalleled range of Predator Flex goggles. The FX2 has been developed for the intermediate swimmer who is looking for a great all round suit.
    The stand out feature is the Isolated Neck Gasket – a multi directional panel around the collar to aid flexibility and rotation in the shoulders and neck. The 1.5mm gasket panel also makes for speedy removal during T1.

    Height(cm) Weight(kg)

    S 147 - 160 48 - 54
    M 162 - 175 52 - 63
    L 170 - 182 57 - 73
    XL 170 - 182 72 - 83
    The combination of extremely buoyant Yamamoto neoprene with both bio and super stretch lining gives total flexibility and comfort to reduce fatigue and improve performance. The incorporation of the 3mm Torso Buoyancy Control panel aids buoyancy in the heaviest region of the torso without compromising on stretch or comfort, giving that extra support that even intermediate open water swimmers need from time to time.
    The ergonomically tailored leg and hip panels also improve buoyancy, and combined with our hip stabiliser technology will avoid excess hip rotation; ensuring swimmers are automatically brought into a streamlined and stable form in the water. The FX2 offers great all round performance and style, with a fantastic price point to match!

    Yamamoto #39 - Smoothskin Neoprene
    Yamamoto #38 - Smoothskin Neoprene
    Yamamoto #39 SCS (Super Composite Skin)
    Yamamoto #38 SCS (Super Composite Skin)
    Hook and Loop Fastener

    Benefits of Yamamoto Materials

    Ultra-low resistance – The specially processed coating of their SCS materials results in a micellar surface that repels water when in contact with air and exhibits hydrophilic properties when underwater. This unique dual functionality results in an astounding resistance coefficient of 0.021 when wet (compared to 4.0 for conventional neoprene wetsuits) and 0.035 when dry (compared to 5.0 for conventional neoprene wetsuits).
    Lightweight – Due to their water-repellent properties, the SCS materials do not absorb water, avoiding the extra weight caused by water-logged suit which can hold swimmers back and force them to expel precious additional energy.
    Superior mould ability and enhanced comfort – The body fit is optimised with the superior mould ability of the SCS materials, providing enhanced comfort and further reducing water resistance while also allowing for an unprecedented range of movement whilst swimming. The expansion ratio of the material is 7 times greater than that of conventional wetsuit materials and the difference is apparent even before entering the water due to the ease of wearing the suit.
    High heat retention – Due to the superior heat retention of the SCS material, the body is kept warmer, decreasing body fatigue and improving overall performance.
    High durability – Yamamoto’s SCS materials are extremely durable and resistant to abrasions, allowing for longer product life as well as enhanced performance.
    Yamamoto neoprene is made from 99.7% Limestone, a distinct improvement over petroleum based neoprene, which has a comparatively large environmental impact. Yamamoto’s greener neoprene stretches, retains shape, and returns to form better than any other neoprene used in triathlon.

    Inside Lining

    BIO Stretch Lining – Material: Nylon 100% / Weight: 130gsm / 2 way stretch
    SUPER Stretch lining – Material: Nylon 100% / Weight: 130gsm / 2 way stretch

    Wetsuit Thickness

    Neck – 3mm
    Shoulders – 1.5mm
    Inner Arms – 2mm
    Outer Arms – 1.5mm
    Underarms – 2mm
    Chest – 3mm
    Back – 3mm
    Waist – 3mm
    Hips – 4mm
    Thighs/upper legs – 4mm
    Lower legs – 3mm
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